Parish Life

"To love our neighbor in charity is to love God in man."

- St Francis de Sales

Sodality of Our Lady

If you are interested in learning more about the Sodality of Our Lady, please contact the parish office at (202) 529-7451.

Ladies of Charity

Founded by St. Vincent de Paul, the Ladies of Charity respond to the needs of the poor. If you are interested in learning more about the Ladies of Charity, please contact the parish office at (202) 529-7451.

Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society was Founded by Blessed John of Vercelli, Master General of the Dominican Order.  The society promotes the honor and glory of God, and sanctification of its members by  acts of love and devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  The spiritual life of its members is a perpetual act of reverence and love. It also promotes respect for the Most Holy Name of God. faith in the Catholic Church and the Magisterium, loyalty to one's country, and respect for all lawful authority, civil and religious.


If you are interested in learning more about the Holy Name Society, please contact the parish office at (202) 529-7451.

Food Pantry Program

If you are interesting in contributing to or helping out with the St. Francis de Sales Food Pantry, please contact the parish office at (202) 529-7451.

Parish Day Trips

The parish takes regular day trips. For past parish day trips. See photos in the Photo Gallery section. For future trips, see listings in the Announcements section on the News and Events page.

Photo Galleries
Around the Parish
2015 Thanksgiving Dinner
2014 Picnic
2016 Parish Picnic

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“Be bold and resolute then in performing the spiritual exercises I have set before you, and God will give you time and strength for all other duties, yea, even if He were to cause the sun to stand still, as He did in Joshua’s time. We are sure always to do enough when God works with us.” 

- St. Francis de Sales



Life at St. Francis de Sales
Our Holy Patron: St Francis de Sales

MASSES : Sunday at 9:00am (Mass with Cantor), 10:30am (Traditional Latin Mass) ; 12:00pm (Gospel);

Saturday at 5:30pm (Mass with Cantor); Monday through Friday at 7:30am

CONFESSIONS : Saturday 4:30pm – 5:00pm + ADORATION: Thursday 5:30pm – 6:30pm

St. Francis de Sales Church


2021 Rhode Island Avenue Northeast

Washington, DC 20018

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